About this

I am a full-time developer. It is what I love doing. I use computers since I was 12 years old, when I change my Atari 2600 by a TI 99 4A. It was a big change that opened the door to this world. Former Times: 80. The monitors were televisions, flash memory recorders our music, fine treble adjustment to load the code and so I grew.

Since then I have worked with assembler, basic, pascal, c, c + +, python, perl, php, c # … but no language in my opinion provides the advantages of pascal and definitely Delphi is the best implementation of pascal to date.

In recent years, Delphi has taken a turn for multiplatform environments incorporating mac OSX, iOS, Android. One of the objectives of this space is to venture into exploring these powerful new features, providing assistance to beginners and tips to the not so new.

Life is a constant learning. We’re on it!



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