First Steps with Firemonkey

What is FireMonkey ?

Firemonkey is a series of libraries provided by Embarcadero that allow you to design applications for different platforms using a single source code .

To achieve this, like his glorious predecessor, the VCL , which was exclusively geared towards Windows , FireMonkey must add a layer between the operating system and the client application . In this way we can develop such a generic application that do not access specific resources of the mobile device (camera , GPS, etc. ) without prior knowledge of the platform.

For example if we wanted to display data in a table, or a website or even our location on google maps, we can do it without knowing if it is a android or an ipad or iphone .

Similarly , this application will run on both windows and OSX and android as an ipad or iphone . It’s that simple .

This represents a huge advantage for those who do not have the time to study in detail each platform.

The supported platforms at the moment are: Win32, Win54 , max OSX , iOS and Android. It is expected that in future releases access to BlackBerry , Windows Phone and Linux for servers .

Firemonkey is a maturing product , now in version 2 .

Much has been said about how bad has to take the Embarcadero Road to mobile applications using FireMonkey .

Detractors say they never provide the same end-user experience that is obtained using the platform ‘s own development of each environment.

Now it is clear that there are differences because FireMonkey uses as your own drawing of a button ipad and not the button that gives the iOS 7. The copies are identical to pixel level and behavior of the same. But of course this has to have an impact at the level of performance .

However, in my tests the truth is that the impact is minimal noticed , but what about sizing these devices in terms of hardware.

The truth is that today there is a development environment that feels as comfortable in making the design of forms, access to libraries of common usage and coding in general and Delphi. This, if we consider that we are writing the code for multiple devices at the same time! No competitor can claim to have achieved this goal and clear that if we rely on the result we have to put that Delphi is the only tool capable of multiplatform developments in the balance when assessing options . This argument is the most weight in determining which tool to use. Because the software is a life cycle , which forms most of the maintenance . A constantly changing , uncomfortable environment is really a big aa in producing good software obstacle. At these points the front leads Delphi.

But it is also true that many applications lead to maximum hardware of this equipment, case mainly games. This scenario is very likely that FireMonkey is not the best option for now. I say for now because it is known that the team is working hard FireMonkey on two goals: quality and speed. It only remains to see what comes out of this in future updates.

The truth is that the library improves day by day and is becoming more stable.


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